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    Our experienced, licensed, and insured RNs and LVNs provide compassionate care to patients in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, surgery centers, medical clinics, and homes, 24/7.
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    Private Care + Facility Staffing

    We match clients with thoroughly screened RNs and LVNs who will best meet their needs for visits, short-term, long-term or permanent assignments.
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    If you’re a nurse looking for a flexible schedule, competitive hourly rates, autonomy, variety, and the opportunity to apply your skills and experience in many different areas of nursing, you’ve come to the right place.
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    Know the Signs of a Mini Stroke and What They Could Mean
    You have probably heard of a stroke and may even be able to recognize the warning signs: drooping face, arm weakness, and speech disruption. But have you heard of a mini stroke? A mini stroke, or a transient ischemic attack (TIA), originates from the...
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    Outsourcing in Healthcare
    Outsourcing has become a four trillion dollar a year business (Hazelwood, Hazelwood, & Cook, 2005). Statistically speaking, one of the strongest areas of growth by percentage in hospitals was in accounts receivable outsourcing, where receivable c...
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    Geriatric Nursing Care in the Acute Hospital Setting
    Geriatric Hospital Care
      Treatment of elderly patients in acute care hospitals is an area of concern. Elderly patients often present with several disorders that lead to significant functional impairment.1 Psychological and social problems are common. Such patients manifes...
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    Nurse Registry recently assisted us through my mother’s serious illness. My mother was a pretty tough customer but she loved the nurses assigned to her by Nurse Registry. The nurses are very caring and formed bonds with my mother. Someone was always there when expected and they didn’t just sit around watching TV. They attended to every one of my mother’s needs. The nurses are very patient, professional and good at what they do. We were always informed of the nurses’ biographies before they arrived and of their credentials.

    Nurse Registry made a difficult time much easier and for that we are grateful.

    My nurse was so helpful, ontime and easy to spend the day with.

    The RN was very careful with my sterile dressing change and IV access to prevent contamination. I feel very safe with her. I have had bad experiences in the past so I am very pleased to have found Nurse Registry.

    Nurse Registry has been an absolute saving grace for my dad and I. When he came home from the hospital we really needed licensed nurses to help with all the medications and wound care. I was so overwhelmed. Nurse Registry sent over a couple of very knowledgeable, wonderful nurses, I couldn’t have asked for more. I highly recommend them!

    I appreciate efforts to accommodate schedule. My nurse is amazing. He always goes above and beyond!

    From the office staff to the compassionate, knowledgable nurses…my experience was phenomenal! My mom needed more care than I could handle after her surgery and Nurse Registry went above and beyond to make sure she received the care she deserved. My friend recommended them for they provided excellent comfort care for her dad during his last days so he could be home. I highly recommend Nurse Registry!

    Your nurses helped me through a tough time. They were outstanding!

    I absolutely love working with Nurse Registry! They’re really nice, professional, competent, and have been keeping me very busy.

    “After my surgery, I requested nursing services from Nurse Registry to help me get through the first few days of my recovery. The nurses who took care of me were professional, competent, friendly and above all compassionate. They kept my post-surgical pain and swelling under control while providing excellent nursing care.  It was very reassuring to know that a qualified nurse was right there if I needed anything. I believe that having a nurse within my home really facilitated the recovery process and I would highly recommend Nurse Registry.” – E.R.